Sunday, April 09, 2006

Felicity is a complex beast. By all means, I'm not in the position I want to be. Yet, who cares. Yesterday I was thinking when I was closing my eyes, "shit, I really messed up. Shouldn't do that again." And now, I'm about to do the same or so, "damn, I really got that right, isn't?" Of course Today I made one completely different thing. I spent the day with who I want to be... Harsh truths. If I think it, I have not enough reasons to be so satisfied with this magnificent day, but I loved it. It wasn't perfect, and that's the best part... Wow stunning. Paradox is a fine friend. There's this sense that I'm living a story greater than life... Stupid I know, but Lady Fortune can I trust you?

I'm tired, I won't pretend this blog will mean much to anyone besides me. Too much sun, laughs, fresh air, green, bare feet, zumbananas, volleyball, love words??, *sigh*


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