Monday, February 20, 2006

Nothing fancy, just that yesterday I remembered/realized that I have an awesome collection of books! =) Ok ok, there aren't so many "classics" and some of them aren't even mine... Like Guns Germs & Steel... 8-) but hey, I'm proud of having at my disposition so many good fellows. In particular I'm proud of my Graphic Novel shelf and the RPG one. So I was this merry yesterday when the evil james* mentioned about eBay. So now I have 200 dollars less, but 5 Changelings' book more... So be it. In fact it was a great deal, 20 dlls of discount. The local retailer sells each one at that price... Of course I'm buying rare books so all adds up in my favor. Welcome to the family Autumn People and you Inanimae. =)

By the way, all that rant came form me, yesterday debating which type of player are my friends. Padilla, allan you're narrative guys. Pollo, julio you're competitive. James, yes, simulist. Yorch... I think you play growling. Narrative guys play to extend the story, competitive are those who play to be the best in ___ and simulist, well you explore, you enjoy the rules. Me, I'm N. If you check how they ST, you'll see my ideas tested ;) If you wonder, I took those terms from the Forge a place with game theory...


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Saturday would be a good day for roleplaying

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