Tuesday, February 14, 2006

So what is going on with Memo this week? Lots of little things and one big. It's utterly ironic to post this Today, but hey... Some day or another I was bound to do it. Don't believe in true love anymore. See, that sounds sad to many, interesting to anothers and just obvious to people in the future. I would put a bit more detail. Have come to the logical conclusion that what we commonly refer as "love" is 3 portions of habit, 1 of memories and social inertia as you like. For several weeks thought, do we feel jiggles when in love or do we love because we feel jiggles? Are reacting to the basic instinct of survival, or is there a love beyond physical? All that dance between two persons seems a lot like "Try to not notice how this happens". I'm sure tons of friends will tell me no, it's different. One even went as far as, "you think that way because you haven't felt it". Anyway, the meme is gone, one less sacred thing on my life. It goes on. I'll continue looking for a girl, just now I won't look for that nonsense.

On other news, Friday I celebrated mariana's birthday, and Saturday was for julio's one. Both of them were full of merry memories. For instance I have a counter of 3 great phrases made by julio, two by julian and one from allan. I had the brilliant idea to honor julio by each person telling an anecdote from julio. It's amazing how many one can think of almost every topic. Even guys who don't go out with him so much have good stories. Back to mariana's. It's strange how she believes me an extrovert guy. Guess, compared to her. It was cute to see the effort her boyfriend made to be liked by me. Another curious things was how the place turned to a karaoke bar at midnight. Is life going that way??

Merry day to all you friends! Life goes on. Somehow I'm certain I forgetting to say something...


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