Saturday, January 28, 2006

Back in high school, I was hungry of math and physics. Immersed myself in all I could dig. Most things quickly became either shallow (beginners' entry level) or too complicated for me (not having all the strong math framework I needed). I remember Mr. Cano, he lent me a book of Levi-Chivita. That was my introduction to tensors. Anyway, at that point I used to think/dream/solve thought experiments. I was always amused by what happens with a sphere spinning at near-light speed. Always wondered what was so special about gravity to treat it as geometry, while the other as interactions... Why no one tried to curve out QED. And finally some days ago I learn about Heim Theory. WOW!! I'm sad and ashamed to not be able to follow beyond the basics, but but but... he made it! He treats every force as geometry and comes up with a reason to quantitization. If my math hasn't rust, he deals with complex dimensions. Yes, an imaginary part for time and space! I know. I know. A good scientist shouldn't let his emotions dictate how possible a theory is, yet it is roughly what my mind once sketched. There was no more premises than having a simple theory, no epicycles... People are you reading, we may go to the stars in this lifetime!! =D


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