Monday, January 09, 2006

This may sound stupid, but I spend too much time with this girl... And I'm losing my temper to set this straight. Am I being less than patient? Am I a moron? What I know, is that for instance I spent my day with she, playing fron-tenis, well learning it. It was great, and she cheering me up was really encouraging. Then we went to end the one thousand xmas' puzzle and there, a perfect moment happened. Don't know if it was all the ice cream she gave me, or the light. She watched me, she smiled, I was in the best place I could have been, in the proper time, in a utter perfection of moment. Time really slows down in those moments. It's worth it, yet a snag persist, for I shall take the risk! And I vow, that this time, I shall go clean.

ps. if you find this unreadable, you should see my head, it's a Gordian knot.

But I shall be true to my history, last Saturday I spent the day with my secondary school mates!! It was magnificent. Have I had a little less composure I'ld have cried... Didn't know I missed them so much, until I saw them once again. I praise the internet for the joy of instant messenger that would surely correct that error. For 9 years they were my bros, my sis. We fought, we mocked, we gossiped... In time we have cried for those who are no longer with us, we have helped each other, we have received the new cubs :) Don't how this will go, but it will be a hell of a party to re-meet those familiar faces. All in all this year seems to be improving hour by hour! =)


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