Friday, December 23, 2005

I feel unfaithful, my starting a blog in Blog Central, mainly known because it's the IBM blog server. In other words, I finally succumbed to the blue directive of having one. I expect that place to be full of work related rants. Won't be as "interesting" as here, but hey, there will be another voice in that chorus... Oh my NWO references are crumbling!

On a side note, I finally gave monge a headache. I passed him "Did Jesus Christ Really Live?" Hope he forgives me, for it won't be a happy ride for a while.

In brief, here's the weird last Tuesday. Somehow by 5 I had 3 social plans, all good to go ones. A meeting with my high school pals, a surprise party for someone I didn't knew and diana's posada. What was I going to do? Being in three place at the same place is very awkward, and explaining people after, is tiring. So I concluded that FIFO was the way to go.
Went to the i latina, nice place and had the chance to talk with baps. I missed her. She's annoying, but she's my friend. Have known her since I was six... She has this habit of backgrounding you with tons of non-important details which never come to matter to the point she is trying to tell. And she is mean to those not on her list. And she is banal. Yet, as I have tell you before, she's my friend. Is our friendship a historical accident? Probably, but we both know each other and where around when puberty started. And that counts in my record. I wasn't the nicest kid to have around, always asking strange questions, disobeying perfectly accepted request imposed by society, etc. And yet she was there supporting me. She even asked strange questions. Was that because of me? Dunno. She is the kind of girl who laughs with recent diseases. Anyway, was nice to catch up. Also had a small discussion about the merits of tarot, with her and david.
Then I ran to found the place of the next party. The birthday guy is brother of ceci, btw. The trouble was that I was in a hurry because I was supposed to get early, to be there when he arrived... And that I didn't knew how to get there. He lives in northern-east part of the city a place I rarely visit, ok I had never went to that colony. Had to use my map, my three questions and some luck to arrive, unfortunately five minutes late. No really, it was very lucky. I really really have to thanks that dog for being there when ceci came out to greet me. She's scared of big dogs. And has great jumping skills ;) Recently I have been more in touch with my relatives, specially with a cousin. She suggested to bring a present for the occasion. Thanks also to you. Belgian chocolates, that was the gift. The great idea behind was to bring something not just to that unknown guy, but to everyone. They were yummy.
It is strange to meet another family. They are so kind with me. Ceci's little niece (named Diana) invited me to her 7th bday. I have met other families, david's, pollo's, julio's, allan's and so on. However, they are different. Or at least, the way I see them is. Maybe it's just the timing, when parents and "kids" don't need to have a barrier anymore. All are "adult". That third generation probably pushes the first two tighter. There's also the fact that some families are more open that others, this one is, as proved by how much sibling-like can Dulce and Reyna be with Miguel (the brother). Anyway, I enjoyed the night, listened tons of anecdotes of Miguel, so know he seems familiar.
The not so bright thing was that I couldn't attend diana's party. Of course I can't stop smiling under the idea that I couldn't went, but I'll go to Diana's party. Life has a great sense of contrivance. Any ideas about what to give to a six-year old girl? I'm thinking about a puzzle, or maybe a cabbage doll... Any idea is welcomed.


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