Sunday, November 20, 2005

Friday night I went to see hp4, it's a movie about how Harry Potter taught Hector Padilla something about Hewlett Packard, all this through a less than satyrical allusion to HP functions. I have to admit that the film wasn't the main reason I was excited to be there. It was, of course, a woman. I got the premiere tickets, because she wanted to repay for the occasion when I invited her a dinner. I didn't have high expectations about going to the movie theatre, because I knew we wouldn't go alone. Yet I decided, to make the best of what happened. That night magic shall flow, I thought. We ended up being seven, most of the guys I already knew, and I like them. When the time came to seat, I didn't attempted anything more than having a good view, unfortunately that film is so popular that even if I was there one hour before the movie, we still got the front rows :s There's where she decided that we should split. No way to find 7 continuous seats, but 2 o 3, maybe. Final note, by serendipity I ended up in the last row, just with her.
The trailers gave us much to talk, specially since something was wrong with the film and the screen only showed the upper half of the image. Somehow there must had been too many commercials because people started shouting and whistling. Can't say for me time passed a bit different. We really weren't talking about the surround anymore, I was listening to another good story about her life. Anywho, the movie is good, I think there were several parts missing but in general it's a good to see movie... On the other hand, I don't really know what I felt that night. Confusion.
The Saturday, I decided to not do anything. It sounds like a good idea when you have a party of feelings. Calm, have keen ears, and jump until you listen a clear winner. When eight was approaching, I thought, maybe is time to visit pollo, have a dinner. Was about to get a bath, when james called. Next you know, I'm in fancy hospital. James had a pain in the chest. I know I'll sound banal, but hey, it's my blog and that's what I did. While I was driving I thought about my hair. Jajaja. You see, that night I really had an afro. I normally wash my hair and with gel all comes near my head, yet without it, my hair can sponge, a lot. How banal can I come? Anyway, in the hospital I noticed that the she-physician was continually looking at me. That was fun, I thought, that stupid afro, but enjoy the ride... :) Last Friday I was bashed with links from alba, padilla and julio about love. In one of these it said "just smile". So I ended up smiling to every girl I saw that Saturday. Probably I looked stupid with a half grown afro, but it didn't mattered to me. I was enjoying smiling. It was hilarious how many times the doctor kept asking for james name and how she didn't knew how to make an ecosonogram, until the nurse aided. I had the opportunity to play with lots of instruments, though. I know I know, maybe it isn't "good" to have fun in a hospital, but I quickly realized, that place didn't had a clue about james symptoms and that in this case, that was a good new.
After that scene, I called pollo to see if he wanted to dinner with us. Something in his voice made clear, it wasn't going to happen, so I reluctantly accepted he had other plans. Yet, my spirit kept the "enjoy the night" motto. I enjoyed eating at super salads, partly because I had the chance to try to flirt a bit. I'm not bragging, I do know I'm terrible. I figured that I could try with a waitress, after all they are already in the mood to notice me. The practice mission was to improve my chat skill. Be able to hold a conversation with a girl I don't know, things like that. Don't know how it felt the other side, but I noticed she sometimes turned around to watch our table and smiled. I took that for a good indicator. Shyness has to go, you know. I was so encouraged that night, that I made even a stupid thing. This shouldn't be said, but what the heck, I'm proud of myself for that nonsense. I leaved my phone number. Yes, I know things don't work that way, but for me it was a symbol. I'm open to that world, to say it somehow.
Then the night became strange. Somehow I got too many "you hurt my feelings" from jaime. That's when I decided I need to change the mood, please. Don't know how but I managed to intermingle road signs, building all kind of things, and finished having a story. It was all about jaime and how he had to change. I adopted the role of spiritual guide. I even come up with a reason to why, me his only atheist friend should be. It's bizarre the way how you end up being a figment of imagination of a dying man. We walked for hours, I believe. We passed through a hospital, a funerary, a cementer, and followed the light for several blocks. All the way up to there I tried to convince him, that he died yesterday, and that now he was being judged. I kept asking about what's important to him, or what would he do if he had survived. Unknown to me, the lights directed us to a place named Karma. There I told him that until he didn't accepted some facts, he wouldn't receive any more signals, and may probably spend an eternity without growing forever trapped in his imagination's world. I kept telling him that reiki isn't good enough. And sure enough, after several blocks of obscurity and telling him the truth "I don't know where are we going." He accepted 3 things. He is dead, he doesn't control the world, and more important, he isn't perfect. Not bad for a night. The next thing we see, is a sign which says "Renacimiento". Then he decided that he wanted to live in heaven here after, accepting that heaven is what one do of one's life.
Maybe you won't understand this strange game, but walking around the city and having it proving my point that jaime needed to change. All those coincidences. Don't know it feels as magic. When can we say that something really happened? Anyway, I learnt a bit of that route. And if you wonder, the reason I had to be the guide in that tour, is because, only me would be open enough to direct him to hell if he had wished so. All those other friends, would surely want him to decide for heaven...
I know this post has been loooong, but a quick story is left. I'm not that proud of the environment that produced it, but when I heard it, I laughed a lot. I love you bro.
So here's my mother, my brother and my mother's ex-boss. The later is very happy because my bro has a job and doing well (at a hotel). She asks, "what are you gonna do with you first check?" And my brother in a frank solemn voice says, "buy me some shoes." "You see, my brother [that's me] doesn't lend me his." To that my mother replies, "that's because you ruin them." And here's the catch, my brother continues, "but you know what? I really really admire my brother. Because not only does he hide them well, but he hides only one of them, not bothering to hide the pair..."That with a perplexed view, my mother tells me later. =)
I abhor having to entangle them, but trust me I tried tons of times to talk with him about caring about them, then another ton about "well, then don't use them". So I ended up snaring. Though it make me smirk to remember that story.

ps. As I told padilla, love's in the air, just wasn't in the form I expected.


Blogger Darth Julius said...

And you're a good friend.. Is good to know that you're trying to help Jaime as you helped me in the past... I remember those talks with you when I used to be sad and depressed and I was afraid of change.. Thanks.

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Blogger hector said...

... sigh

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