Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I have wrote too many dreams in this blog for my tastes, but here I go, again. Yesterday I dreamed about a fight. I had only had fight dreams like two times before, and never like this one. I was struggling with myself. Me vs Me. Well, one of myselfs was like my well-beyond-time self. That guy who sees my life for what it is, contrasted to the guy who is in the middle of the jungle of life wondering when it's better to pay X bill... Let me tell you, my "upper" self has an awesome uppercut. That dream was a mixture of first, second and third person. The arena in which I fought was a street, with some cars, but I could see it was a set. The truth was greater, a coliseum. There was a big audience, and the strange part was that I could see whom they were. They were gods, tons of them. In one of these "breaks" I had the chance to see that Luna and Sol were discussing about something. How do I know they were them? Don't know. I even not remember the face of any of theses gods. Anywho, the fight wasn't so much a fight by the fifth round. My "upper" self was pretty harsh. BTW, it had 10 rounds, one per sephira. In each blow, I shouted some crude truth. Don't remember any. At the end I won.

Its the first time I dream a polytheist world. =)


Blogger Darth Julius said...

I can see the conflict in're a good person, I know, you can return to the Light Side of the Force my young apprentice. :P jeje... Oye escuché que Pollo está enfermo, sabes algo?.

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