Monday, October 24, 2005

This is the dream I had, yesterday. I was walking the street, while james was watching me from afar, hinding midshadows, when I encountered an old man. It was God. I said, "Hope you did CPS* [to your creation]". He replied, "I prefer development". Then I raised a question I have forgotten. Which He answered, "What are you telling me when you said you can't?". I guess the topic was my faith. I continued to explain further. "Maybe I can't, as I cannot order my foot to enter my mouth". Here, I gaze away and see alba driving, having a discussion with Jeronimo, which sat in the back part. "You mean, ordering it to exit your mouth¡"**. "Well, it's the same. I have seen others doing it". "Or maybe I can't, as I can't tell my second mouth to open. Being that I don't own one". "Or it's just that there's no god". Here the illusion broke up. I'm again in the car with alba. They continue talking. I shed a tear and browse to the window. We are in a cold cold place, journeying to somewhere. There's a lot of fog. We park, she says we won't stay long. It's a restaurant, a typical Mexican antojitos place. While I enter, I see a guy from the highschool, who choose not to weave me a hi. Inside the place we have two tables. There's Vladi and shole. There's a kid causing a lot of troubles. Both shole and alba are shouting to the boy. Here's where I know I'm at the future. One can know who's the mother because even though both scream, only shole enters the kitchen to stop the kid. Frank is inside it, helping the kid. By that, I mean, sharing the fun. Yet I can only think of that dream inside my dream.


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