Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hoping you don't find this arrogant, I'll tell my situation. Here's the deal, there's one lady that has a crush on me, the problem is I only want friendship with her, specialy since the girl which I come to like, comes to be the best friend :S No, I'm not in a rated-B sitcom, well maybe I am, but I want that situation to end in my favor. When I said she has a crush I mean in the sense of a girl who actually pulls my hair in the bus (that's when I decided something has to happen, soon). She's a nice girl, but I enjoy spending time with her friend... what should I do... no, I know what I should do (talk to her)... just don't know the appropiate words. Don't want to hurt.

And yes, maybe I'm overreacting, and she is just being polite... except that I'm not the only one perceiving it. What does she (and by that, I refer to the one who makes the day shine) think?

Anyway, I'll be honest, as usual, truth shall make us free.


Blogger Darth Julius said...

Mmmmm... Memo this is your opportunity.. come one yo don't have anything to lose :)... and you could learn a lot of nice things...

Remember that Annie at the beginning of our relationship was not in love with me (probably she was not very interested in me), love comes with time.

Give her an opportunity, she has feelings to :).

I'm sure you won't regret, love will come later and you'll be very happy with her.

9:16 AM  
Blogger SeƱor Napalm said...

Kinda agree. You surely know the divorce rate is much lower for arranged marriages than for "love" marriges... Because marriages based on love are built on the illusion that the other is perfect... While in arranged marriages people learn to love the other one as an imperfect being.

But I disgress. What I wanted to say is:

-a)Ignoring the obvious is a message, the only one you need of you really want to send one.
-b)Any message stronger than that would be downright insulting to a lady.

11:18 AM  
Anonymous friend said...

I definitely agree with this old said. But I think in your situation you have to think further about it. This love bullshit is like chess, someone has to start the game and you ALWAYS have to think the play very carefully if you wanna win. If someone has a crush on you, just doesn'tt seem right to me that you get to her and said, you know what? I don't like you (even if you are using polite words). If she hasn't taken a first step, then you don't have the right to said that... you need an open door to take steps in relationships. You cannot jump to say NO to someone if she has not even ask you the question.

However, you could give her signals that you're not interested ... that's a valid thing you could do, and definitely it won't hurt so bad.
Finally, if you are interested in her friend , you have to do something... but with her..the one you like!!! not the other one. That's make more sense.

12:38 PM  

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