Wednesday, October 05, 2005

For several day I have been learning toki pona. It is pretty cool and easy to learn. My first attempt:
insa utala li lon lawa mi.
mi wile lukin kiwen seme.
mi wile lukin telo seme.
mi wile ala lukin ona meli seme.
ona mute li toki ni: mi wile wawa.
ante sona ale toki.
mi ale wile pona mute tan ni ike
mi ale wile tomo lon sewi.
olin en ona olin e mi
ni li ken ike seme.

It is supposed to ba a tao-oriented language. That's why I learnt it, anyway. BTW, IRC continues to be amusing. My lojban is growing exponentially... what?


Blogger Darth Julius said...

It sounds pretty similar to the language of the "Hutts"..:P

9:01 AM  

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