Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ok, this may be boring to anyone not a coder, and let's accept it, may also be to those who have programmed.

Have you ever passed five straight hours, scratching your hair, wondering what the heck has the compiler didn't get? "You can't access a private member." "WTF, I pwn you!" And in the back of your brain you laugh. It will be a stupid simple thing, you will see -- you tell yourself with certain amusement. Monkey mind, stop it. This shall work Today or you won't go to Monterrey... Then you start the humble search. "Hey you , do you see any reason why this won't work?" (It's in C++, my most hideous code ever...) They all blink. Maybe if you put a * or & here... *blink* Thanks anyway. You know it must work today, so you go one level deeper. "Hello ..." "Have you tried ___?" Thanks anyway. Maybe some fresh air, eating... Nop, it hasn't change mira-closely. "Hey Alba if you were to code this, how wou..." And then you get it! That piece of the puzzle is there.
As a child I desired to had 3 professions. Wanted to be a Vet, a fire-fighter and a Magician. I think I got my wishes. Life of a coder is a high level fire-fighter, isn't? To close some points, I think talking with Alba was the key, 1 duh-point. Hasn't been the first time I contact a demigod, which is surprisingly a nice thing to do. It was a *, after all. Yes, I'm going to Monterrey!!! Alas. Yes, I think I have created my worst code ever (well up to now). No, pwn isn't a typo. If you don't know what I meant and have a C.S. degree please leave it in the bin. =)

For those who aren't coders, here is my parallel explanation of what happened. "Why isn't the machine doing what I want [instead of what I asked it to do]?" "Maybe if I convince every person I find that my view is correct, the machine will change." "Yes you are right" all say. "Ok Ok, that didn't work. Even if I convinced that guy who made the machine that it should work this way... Let's try to understand who the machine works [by explaining it]. Surprise, so that assumption was wrong." Yeah I know it looks pathetic, but don't tell me you don't do it sometimes :P


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Memo, controlate!


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