Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Not so much to put here, but hey I got plenty of time. I'm stuck in the office, waiting for a machine to come back. The problem of designing machines that should never be turned off, is that no one cares how much it takes to shut down and restart.

Let us see, what new thing has come to my life... nop, nothing. Well let's describe a funny event that happened the last Saturday. In brief, it was julio's sister birthday party (have I knew German I could have written all that as one noun, cultural trivia off)... When I decided "I want to dance". So I stood up, and knowing no one there I just move around, with excellent rhythm, of course. Until Ericka, the hostess, came. Then we somehow started like dancing, except that we didn't have a chance, as if stroked by a lightning a boyfriend appeared, yes, hers. It was fun to realize that maybe he was jealous by me dancing with her, specially since she had dance with so many other friends all the night. Oh well, it was good to the ego.

On the other side of the coin, today I slipped information I shouldn't have said. There was a long time span since I had this feeling, regretting my words. :( Why do I keep breaking my rules with this person??


Blogger Darth Julius said...

Now there are two jelaous man..:P.. lol.

That's it Memo, that's the attitude. SHINEEE!.. :)

2:19 PM  

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