Monday, July 25, 2005

Time to state some good and bad things that happened last weekend... Friday night, was padilla's bday nothing fancy just beer and some talks with friends and future ones, maybe. It's amazing how many friends of padilla I know, I mean. How funny it is that people behave so "familiar" with each other just because we know a common guy. For example Sergio, I barely know him, hadn't have a real talk with him, yet I do trust him, well to the extent that one should trust a guy like him, if you know what I mean =) It's more or less a pal of second nature.
There I also had the chance to see pollo, several days went between our last encounter. If you ask me, I think he is pretty sad and he is angry with me. Don't pretend to know why or if they are related. If I had to guess, I'll say it is more a personal thing. Anyway, he tried to answer my quiz, right there in the pub (;) I like English). He did pretty well, though he missed one important question, however he got right the hardest one. Indeed my best friend (yeah, yesterday I read a story of Shakespeare...).
Saturday, something unexpected happen, James gave me a Jericho's rose. So much thanks for it. Unfortunately I forgot to take it home... Well to the office, I plan to keep it there, my cubicle needs some more life =) I really like that kind of plant, its endurance I guess, or its versatility. It was also nice to drink with yorch and james, even when they threaten me to stop using my cellphone, jeje.
Sunday, went to a baptize, meant for the daughter of Sopas, a guy from the college. It was fun to spend the day with nine persons who are enjoyable. Several times we just talked about how things were back then and how people have changed. Another favorite topic was talking, surprisingly, about the baby. However in one moment all it was, was about me. Everybody in the table came out with a candidate I should try to match :S Of course I proceeded to explain that they didn't had what I'm looking for. Am I apathic to that as diana says? Or am I just being true as the kitchen metaphor explains? Well, I believe the second, but I shall keep an eye open.
Driving thru the Mexican highways is fun, I'm getting better in that game :)

p.s: I will write about the quiz I made, later.


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