Friday, July 08, 2005

I'm tired, well, below the waist... I did it 10Km in 70 minutes, this is not the end though :) On a side note, running has the disadvantage of sweating like never before, being extra-sensitive in specific regions (yes, safety belts aren't so nice :P) and having my stomach smashed. Yet, there's one bright thing, there was no monkey mind jumping around yesterday. =)

Also for the record, Wednesday I almost crashed, not my fault. One taxicab stopped in improvisto, and caused a chevy and then an astra to crash... I avoided it, but it was so fast that all happened before I had time to think. I was still with "Shit, I'm gonna hit it" when I was already way a head of the accident, jeje.

p.s. I came across Benedetti's "No te salves", wow.


Blogger Darth Julius said...

Be careful with wet floor try to drive more slow...

Is common to have accidents in this season of the year.

2:49 PM  

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