Sunday, June 12, 2005

Today I had a happy evening, I passed the afternoon with my family. The special motive was the "good-bye" party my uncle gave to my cousin Benji. He's a free spirit, he takes care of children in the middle of France, special kids who didn't have the luck to have a loving-embracing family; some of the are going to jail, some are leaving drugs behind, and so... He is an inspiring man, and has a great tattoo in his ankle, an Aztec eagle icon.
Again it was a party with so many people that knew me, this time from my boy scout epoch. The sad thing is that this cool people are like 3 years older than me! Shame on me. (I suppose they have advantage, knowing that I'm the cousin...) Slowly but I managed to fit in that group, by the end I was just one more. I noticed a scan from a certain she, and that was good :) The bummer part is that I didn't do anything, but I'm not in a race, so I just enjoyed the pans ;)
One amazing thing happened although, there were tons of kids! kids from these guys who are just 3 years older... Besides my cousin, every one of his friends had one or two kids... Will it happen to me? How soon? Of course, like in a year most of my friends should have a stable partner or that won't happen.
I had the chance to talk a bit with my cousin, it was like the most deep talk I have ever had with him. It was a bit of all, I just missed talking about 42 because someone interrupted, jeje. He's in love, loves what he does and is feliz. =) When I leaved I told him that maybe in a not so long period I could visit him, 700 euros isn't that much ;)


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