Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Life changes in a second. That's right, I took it from a rated-B reality show, la academia, nonetheless it's true. Sunday I was kind of exhilarated, I bet yorch that I could do more hunches than him. At the end it was a formal tie, we decided that 400 was more than enough. To tell you the truth when I started I didn't thought I could do that mane :) My stomach feels hard, even if two days have passed, je. Then there was that soccer game which have brought all that crap from Julio :P Yes, he is spamming every single textarea he can reach with messages, profaning my blog? Maybe :P So all was happiness in neverland, until at 8 o'clock, some part of myself catch up. Down, down, down I went. It was nothing that somebody did, just a reality check :/ It was a harsh night, weeping while I walked through the neighborhood. I got my head clean, but leaving an awry taste in my lips. The next morning arrived and i wanted just to have a decent day. Keep up with the duties. And voila the unexpected happens. I got an invitation to go out with a friend. I never imagined that that could happen. I even thought it an impossibility. So I went for her to her house, she looked really shine. I smiled.
We went for dinner and then to a movie, Kazablan. I taught her how to use the sticks to swallow yummy sushis :D Kazablan is a cross between El Chanfle and Vaselina ;) It's worth watching it, for the sake of knowing Israel's culture, at least. Anyway, it was a great night that we kept full of glamour, we just didn't fight dragons because we tried to sing the groceries we ought to buy =)


Blogger Darth Julius said...

Sorry, but Telling that AMERICA SUCKS is not spamming, it is TRUE, SHINEEEEEEEEE!

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Blogger Darth Julius said...

AMERICA = A mexican soccer team, not USA.

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