Monday, May 16, 2005

It was nice to see Pollo at the gym, but here we go, I'll talk about my trip to Mexico City. It was disturbing in a nice way, you know, years of familiar comfort. And by that I mean, having almost hard coded how to treat each of us. That isn't good, relationships should grow not freeze. The travel was full of bad moments, times of tension and even sometimes I thought this shall be my last travel with these people... But after the dust was set, I saw behind the fog, a growing loveful family, which I'm part of... Like forever =) This weekend was all about family, and at the same time about who am I.

Drove four and a half hours until we reached the capital. It was the first time I drove for so long and maintaining a high speed. Of course I always had in mind the safety of my people, but I wanted to be there so much. Why, one could ask. The reason is that I have beautiful memories of my staying there, there is my grandma, there is the amazing metro and so on and on. I still doubt how could my brother be so childish in the highway, every time we stopped was because of him, and he kept yelling how I could drive so fast, jeje. I think he just wanted some attention. His girlfriend accompanied us. I'm really happy for him, he is so in love with her. I hope one day I'll be so lucky.

Every time I count about this weekend I end up coming to talk about driving in that mad city :) This won't be an exception. If you have any sense of how traffic should flow, you err, that doesn't apply in that city. I loved it. Imagine a four path avenue that impromptu splits by half and from it splashes a fifth one, that goes in the opposite direction, of course in the middle. Cars there flow through each other as fishes in a river, not once did I saw an accident (compare it to Lazaro Cardenas here). I was lost there more than once, signs sometimes appear just above the bifurcation, jeje. The 'topes' are some times a sharp triangle, sometimes a Galapago-sized-turtle-shell form. You can park the car over it... Of course. To tell the obvious I felt so _in_ there, somewhat like in my element. I did some pretty hard displays of driving skills just to be able to go where I wanted, nowhere in my dreams I could have done that here. And I'm talking with the policeman right in front of me, he didn't even blinked, routine to him. (Just to keep a record, passing in red, turning to the right, going in the opposite direction of that avenue, while avoiding incoming buses). Enough of that ;)

That Friday, we went to Coyoacan, a little absorbed town. I had the chance to chitchat with my cousin, brother and his girlfriend. I'm not used to that, things aren't like Padilla-Victor story. I should repeat it. Of course, my only complain is how much can these guys smoke. It's sad, but hey, their life. We made plans of going to six flags, I even offered to lent my brother some money for the entrance. Yet, it wasn't meant to happen, they couldn't wake up in time. We ended visiting to malls. The good thing is that by Saturday I had money again, I even had time to buy Diana's birthday gift. I liked that visit. There I found the so well known fact, people in Mexico City, are just ugly, jeje.

The merrier moment happened in the Saturday afternoon, the party. The known reason for the travel, a cousin was to celebrate 15 years =) I love every of them, but that cousin is special. Well, her sister also. I discover myself being very protective around them. I even enjoyed the Mass. Yes Allan, I gave some money to the church, accept it, I do that kind of stuff. Then we went to the saloon. It was the first time I saw a show made by the celebrated one. She danced. Not just waltz, no, she danced merengue and rock as well. Imagine a choreography =) Amazing how much I can like it, because she was so happy, so famous for fifteen minutes.

And... It's late so I should write down this, maybe Tomorrow.

If I were to choose a card Today, it would be the Lovers... It's homework for the reader to know what that card stands for... And no it's more than founding or being with your better half or something like that ;)


Blogger Yorch said...

mmmm, chilango!

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Blogger Darth Julius said...

And if I would choose a card probably I would choose "Wrath of God" good card, and it destroys all creatures (but it would be good if those creatures were chilangos, haha, just kidding).

Además está de moda ser racista no?... Si el Presidente hace comentarios racistas entonces es bueno no?.. zaz

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