Sunday, April 17, 2005

How do others keep their blogs updated? I have more to write, but have a backlog...

Several days ago, discovered that the mother of a workmate needed blood. Several guys already had attempted, meaning nine went, only four had could make it. IMSS trying to make it safe, has closed the space of eligible people. If you have had more than one sexual partner in the last five years, you can't, for example. Last Wednesday, they asked me If I could donate as well. Of course I did, it is the sort of thing one must do whenever possible. Some people have fear of blood or needles, not me. I had to wake up very early, and if you remember the night before I couldn't sleep so good 'cause a meditation session. I gave ride to hagen and another guy from the work. There I watch with amazement how Hagen has got the skill to suit himself in three minutes. I suppose being unable to wake by himself in time produces that, or you become a free-lancer.

IMSS got the idea that only 35 persons can donate each day, meaning we need to arrive early just to grab an opportunity. Not eating for almost eleven hours isn't pleasant, I didn't gave independence to a 3rd world country in the process. It was the first time I successfully donated blood, last time I had too many white bodies. So naturally, I was very excited to see how they would do it. I watched how the needle pierced my left arm, it was kind of beautiful how my blood went to the tube. It felt soft even if it was cold metal. Three minutes later it was all good and well. This was the first round, they needed to test it to decide if they should pump more out. From that point on, I saw that the other four guys I was with, didn't had so nice adventure. Hagen kept telling us how it hurts, that the nurse didn't did a good job. Two others went Simpson skin, yellow. There I weight myself, to discover that I'm again in the 75 kilograms, just like always.

Giving away half a liter of your vital liquid, is nothing to your weight... But not to your health. It makes you feel tired, low pressure thingie. Yet, in the bag it looks like much, and it kept swinging in the machine that pumped it from me. I rested in a cozy chair, while playing with a ball. I was lucky, anther guy, just got a impromptu-bed. The machine I had rang when the necessary was extracted, the other guy the nurse needed to keep a eye. So hungry, I was. Again I noticed how the others didn't got so lucky, two of them just smelled the sandwich the nurse gave us, and felt their stomach revolving. Ten minutes later we were eating as barbarians chickens :) I got a small mark in every elbow and a sincere "thanks for helping my mom", that's more than enough =)


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