Saturday, April 02, 2005

Jaggy lent me yesterday a digital camera, and I'm a bit excited about taking photos of so many things. I don't know anything about photography, but I believe I can find many images along the day that could show the things that amuse me :) I must find some place to store them if I want some of them to leak to this blog, je.

Ok, I'll return to Manzanillo's trip narration, mostly because I don't want to leave things in the mid...

If anything I got from that car with 6 young ladies was how they love to sing, I mean woman. I have never meet one that doesn't, many are shy or just don't want to be hear by others... But with time one can hear a bit. I also had the chance to talk a bit with Erika, Julio's big sister. It opened the way to a nice talk. In that car, I think one thing happened, all of them had an "imposed" watch memo in the road. I mean, I bet most of them where aware of my existence but who cares about me, just another Julio's friend. Contrary to Pollo who's personality makes him a highlight in a room or Allan's, I'm more dull. So it shouldn't be a surprise that when we arrived one started a conversation with "so why are you so silent?". In the way to the house, Erika promised me a dinner, and she complied. However she wasn't alone, it was a bit strange to see me sat while watching them move all over the kitchen. I had a strong urge to not let them do that, I don't want to be sexist... On the other hand, in particular Erika glowed doing something for me. Her nickname is "Mama Erika", je.

As the conversation went, people went to sleep, until we ended being Fuen, Erick and I. Well, Lupita was technically at the living room with us but in a different level of consciousness, not sleep not drunk neither conscious. Just laying there, sometimes snoring, sometimes laughing with us... She promised to wait for Pollo, and she did. Guys arrived at 3 more or less, pretty dumped. That was when the boxer(Spot) vs Jonathan happened.

The next day not much, worth mentioning, passed. Except of course for the bad new. That day Pollo wanted to be alone so he decided not to join us with Elisa's extraction or to the mall. We wanted to have a small party that night in the garden, so we buy lot of alcohol and botanas. When all started I felt one thing that has been there many times; I, in an instance, felt out of the picture... Like I could touch how aside I'm of those people, of all people. I know that isn't good or normal, but hey, I decided that if wasn't there with them, there was no point in being physically there. Sure I realize that it was a mesmerism. I co-opted myself to not be there, being alone is a decision. In the aftermath I think it was the right thing to do, I went to walk and I found my way to the sea. Glorious landscapes. And all the time in the world to see through the illusion. More reflections... And I walked happily to join the party again. Purged. We played charades.

I'm pretty bad acting, but I couldn't care less, watching the others was all the fun. Specially since Julio acted so strange the "As good as it gets", pointing continually to himself. Good laughs. We crossed the pool when we lose once... And so, the night didn't advise.

I prefer not to write the rest of the night. I continue doing improper things... It is of bad taste, so many things I do so I'm confused about how to act, should I say my true thoughts or silence is better? I chose silence, mainly because don't think people want to hear my words and there's no point in hurting. Some time later, maybe, there will be the proper setting.

Friday, we arrived "early" to Guadalajara. We attended the designated chapel. Stayed there until I had the energy. Lots of people showed, and I'm glad they came. We made Pollo laugh many times. Days passed and my view of events have changed. I will remember the first Mass of Monday, when I entered that church. It felt strange. It was melancholy, when they got Communion. It ain't that I want to be Catholic again, but I remember how it felt, when I did the sacrament. And is a feeling never to have again... Yet the rest of the Mass was interesting, because I watched how people don't know the choreography. I'm not telling how I'm above these ignorant people, no no. Believe me, I just want to express how for all they respect the rite, they don't enough to learn about it. Don't shoot the messenger.

Despite all, I need to be honest and tell you how something small grow along this events. I found a girl, that I like. By backtracking I know how obvious I am about this, and how I stop thinking when I'm near she. I think this can get out of control, here I go, got a quest.


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So that's what happened that night (the night of the peda)... and I didn't noticed that Pollo was in that mood the last day of Manza. Good luck in your New Quest!... :) Good vibes!

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