Monday, January 24, 2005

Sometimes one just has to accept when the world smile at you. =D For some tiem I haven't been the merrier and to tell the truth I feel far away from my friends. I did it to heal.

⠁⠥⠝ ⠇⠕⠎ ⠉⠊⠑⠛⠕⠎ ⠎⠕⠝ ⠋⠑⠇⠊⠉⠑⠎

Today I had 3 great talks with 3 great friends. As time goes I realize how lucky I am to share thoughts with 3, so different, ladies. The Morgen talk was with Alba, jut a simple "hi" for the sake of saludating. Let me emphasize it, we see each other every day, we eat together every day, and so on. And yet, she wants to great me. Namaste =) The Tag chat was with Mariana, she somehow has managed to get nearer and nearer as a friend. Circumstances has made each other a confident and pillar to help sustain. She has a lot of background of what the hell I'm walking through, and so it follows that we discussed very deep shaking emotions I had and by some twist I ended up with a small dialogue along the lines "how about if you introduce me with some fo your friends (female ;)" It was even more strange when she seem to take it as a duty =) Thanks Mariana, even if you don't really... The Naght conversation was with Ivonne. She was pretty straight-forward "Are you happy?", how's that to start. As time passes it is more obvious how in many thing we are very very similar. Well, I already knew that, but I forgot it. As the talk evolved I sometimes wondered about whom were we talking, jeje. It's always good to have friends that don't know what I'm passing through, and so to have people watching for me, but it's even better to meet a wanderer that is feeling more or less the same. Of course having the 3 viewpoints is even better =)

In other news, I got so much energy today that I solved most of my work-related problems and it's Monday, imagine how will Tomorrow be. =D

ps maybe iexplorer won't tell you what the braille means...


Blogger David said...

Bueno yo no uso IE si puedo evitarlo. Y pude evitarlo examinando el código HTML de tu post.

Aun los ciegos son felice.

Bonito mensaje Guillermo. Gracias por compartirlo.

1:24 PM  

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