Saturday, November 06, 2004

How much has happened... And I again haven't made myself time to blog it. Let's see what can I remember... Today I had a really good time just listening to Genny's talk about the traditions her birth town has. It's the one just around the "Paricutin", for those who don't know, that volcano actually erupted in the middle of the town. So all the village was reallocated a few meters away. They have so many traditions about wedding that Frank even pointed out if they did anything else than marriaging one another. And yes, the reason I was hearing that wonderful recollection of folklore is that I was in a kind a party, Jaggy is married alas. We were invited to Genny's house which is in the far region of I-never-visit-that-part-of-the-city, known by some as Transito's neighborhood. That house was simple decorated, but you knew it was made with love because of the details. Have you ever seen a handkerchief full jar ordered as to seem like a white rose? The host was a nun, and you could sense in her tone voice that she was in charge of a school. We ate in a small backyard with a green-white balloon arc. It was a shiny day, and the food was great. Hand-made tortillas will ever be good. =) The lady who made them, was the same who decorated the place and the one that made exquisite desserts with kiosks.

I meet some friends of jaggy and a lot of until know alba's relatives. Let me tell you a thing, Alba is really fond of her family. There was that glaze in her eyes. Jaggy didn't seem so nervous except for the thing that he was walking all over the place to make sure all his invitees were fine. Jaggy had his characteristic great smile in his face all day. If I ever get married, I hope I'll be so feliz, as how I sensed jaggy that day.

More happened today, but I'll try to write about the other things I've yet to blog.


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