Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I need to catch up... And I have at last some time =)

Monday I played as announced kickball. For those of you, who like me, haven't played it; it's just baseball, but instead of batting, one kicks. It's really easy to play once you know the basics about baseball, and that was my first problem, jeje. Everyone seemed to have a strategy. We played in a field usually reserved for football soccer, and it must be pretty reserved, 'cause it was just grass growing wild. Jaggy took a couple of grass-filled bags as bases. He himself nailed a stick to provide the second base. Of course, he was the more excited about doing this, he really enjoys sports. The sky wasn't so clouded, and that was a bonus, for we were afraid of a possible rain, specially since Diana was going to play. (If I have some weird connection to long never ending queues, she has it with a gang of clouds =)

Hagen and jaggy were the captains of the teams. I went with hagen, and so did frank, the rest teamed with jaggy. The truth is that my team were high in height and had more males, but that doesn't count, jeje, we lost. In the field we were about 16 persons. We gained a couple of anecdotes. To remember, we have spectacular falls, great runs, amazing mistakes of my part... Let me tell you one.

I'm guarding 3rd base, hagen is pitcher, don't remember who had the bat, it should be a woman, for I ran nearer to home so I could catch the ball easier. And I did exactly that, but someone was trying to get to third base so I turn 180° and ask myself "Who's guarding 3rd base?!" I wanted to send him the ball... Wait a minute, I'm supposed to guard it... Run!!! =) The guy did get to the base. From that point on, someone took that base and I became gardener.

There were tons of mosquitoes so we ended shortly before sunset. Most informed me of some kind of pain from that experience, specially muscular in the quadriceps area. Yet we all agreed to play more often, volleyball, that's the next one...


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