Saturday, September 25, 2004

I'm in that kind of mood, where I fill uneasy. Maybe some of you may have fill it. That time when you a bit anxious, tense, like if you were trapped in your flesh. Meaning starts to fall, in a sea of just-do. Lately I have rediscovered my taste sense, more and more I found myself experimenting with my food. Things as simple as pouring milk and then sparkling my oats, or mixing mole and nopales. My tongue in its context does what I'm trying to do in all other levels... I'm becoming more "vanal", that's how Diana calls it. I'm tending to live more in the physical. Today I received 155 tweaks, in my second visit to the dermatologist. Who would have thought I'ld do that...

Thursday, Diana, Alba, Allan and myself went with a simple mission to Plaza Galerias, select and create a gift basket. It is a lot of fun, packed in 50cm x 30 cm. We started in Wall-mart and ended in a store more luxurious. I can't explain how, deciding which oil to bought is so fun. Of course we don't know a smear about wines, but it didn't stopped us to make it the center of our gift. Friday Alba decorated the basket, cellophane and a big white moño did the job. I'm very pleased with the end result, wish I had a photo... Or even better one of my own =)

Today we went to Lupita's birthday, her party was the excuse of the basket trip. Diana and I hit the road for two hours before reaching her rest-house. It was the first time I went so out of the city with Lucy. (My work doesn't count.) We had good talks, and she even tried to teach me some "basics" about music, like which version of "I'll Survive" is better. We got lost a couple of times, even though a year ago I went there and I printed the map. I normally only need one time to know how to get to anywhere. What happened? Don't know completely. I discovered that either I know some places before I get there or I mix memories. About twice, it happened, that I was sure I had been previously in that place. Maybe it's only that most towns look the same (I doubt that one) or maybe a previous life (I don't believe in that one) or maybe I don't know what happens at all. We reached our destination just in time to eat. Twelve exquisite tacos are in my belly :) I could have ate more, but I just wanted enough to enjoy my food. It was a great noon. There I talked a lot with Gunter, who I have anyways keep contact, but it ain't the same when it's only by IM that you do that. There's something about shaking hands with a good friend... There was a futbolito, and so I decided to keep the ball moving. I'm really bad for anything requiring coordination, but more than one score I got. A lot of people were playing by turns, the room got very hot, and it seemed as if it was a tournament. Cmateos and another guy would have been the winners. Alba and Diana, were astonishingly good. There was also a karaoke in that party, it is always nice to see how Alba loves to sing. This time even Diana song. Meanwhile I talked a bit with cmateos. It's quite interesting to see how south-Mexicans think, they behave more Mexican old fashion. I'm not referring to traditions, I'm talking about motivations & attitudes.


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