Saturday, July 31, 2004

Yesterday I could say, Silva is a good guy. A few days ago, I talked with Diana about how important is when someone says "X is a good person". That you shouldn't say it unless you intend it. That stating that someone is a good person carries some responsibilities. (Just as the opposite.) It feels good when one sees someone doing the right thing, just for the sake of it, and you feel as being father of the act :)

The morning went with a peculiar talk between Diana and I. About if I ever dream about how my life married will be. The answer was that no, I found it an absurd to just think about it, basically because there isn't even a girlfriend. However it seems I was the only one not doing it, jeje. I classify that dream as delusion, but later Allan made a good point. Having those visions will let me know more precisely what I desire. Also, think as if it's a product, you cannot sell a product (a life proyect) if you don't know about it.

I found myself wondering how would it be... While at the same time making sure I take it as a technique not a fairy tale to tell myself. I discovered that it will be great if I could come about 15:30 to my home and eat with my lady. I'll try to dinner every, let's say Tuesday in a different place. Once a week go to the theatre or to see some show. There will be a lot of noons to go out with the friends. Weekends, were hard for me to imagine. Saturdays will be about us (the couple). I'm thinking about picnics and wild things. The theme will be trying to be Eve and Adam in our Eden. Some mornings cycling, some reading each other something, some talking with the stars as audience. I'll need to retake the guitar... Sundays how about helping people? I'll be glad of maybe tutoring/teaching childs, both of us. I'm thinking about some kind of activities for the two of us, where we will help.

When Allan asked about what I'll do in the weekends, I couldn't tell what I wrote here, a great part because I hadn't figure it out, and in part because I think it is to corny. I'll continue developing the visions. Maybe some day I'll write down what I learnt from this exercise.


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