Saturday, July 17, 2004

Time continues to flow, now I can say I've a plan. However I feel kind a waiting for the bus. There are two buses that I can take. Both will go the same way, but as always some people are in one, and not in the other one. I keep thinking that one of the buses has already passed, yet I wish I could take that. There's hope, anyway.

Yesterday Diana, Hagen, Allan and I had many interesting questions that raised some insightful ideas. How everyone of us are in some ways prideful. I think I clearly pointed out the way each of us were. My kind is the small fact of believing myself capable of achieving anything I really want. Will is all. (I'm not talking about omnipotence, just about bending limitations.) It was really strange when I discovered I in some fashion I believe in that magic, while Allan not.

There are many more things on my mind, but it isn't the right time to post it here. I'll've to wait =)


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