Monday, July 12, 2004

Now is time to present you another side of the hill. Some sadness and some jubilation. Sunday afternoon, I went with pollo. For me it's very nice to at least once a week talk with him. However as time goes it seems I can talk less with him. Both of us continue to change. My philosophical dialectics aren't of his like. So that noon when we walked to Lucy, he gave me a glance. As if trying to know who would this guy is... Now.

I wish he found a friend who is growing healthy, yet I doubt it. Anyway we passed a good day. However that glance still carries weight.

On the bright side, today I've signed a contract. In about a month I'll work at another place. I will gain more money, and I expect a pretty interesting change in my life, in about three months. To those out of the loop, I'm not leaving really my project or all my friends at work, I just got sort of promoted. I'm pretty excited about all this =)

I have a draft of my life...


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