Sunday, October 03, 2004

Yesterday I got a headache. It is news only because I normally don't. That's one of the great benefits of being me. It wasn't hard, but it was stronger than the one I got the time I drunk a bit more than is healthy. In other words, I didn't want to concentrate too much. In fact, I didn't felt so good that day. The mood was like being trapped, I really abhor the idea of twelve hours sleeping/twelve working. I was rather upset of not waking up in time to do my things the Saturday Morning. It wasn't about sleeping too much, I just laid what my body requested, and that can't be a mistake.

Today I'm much better, I see the sky clearer. I wake up and went for the first time to the gym. I paid for it since Tuesday, and I wouldn't permit more time to pass. Twice I committed the error of going to let's see if there was a guy who could advise me. This time I decided that there was no way I wouldn't do exercise today. I got from the web ( a routine, got a towel and my spirit and walked to the gym. It's a high-class one, ain't cheap but this Sunday morning it was almost mine. One of the things I most like of that place is a wall to climb. I sure will use it, once I get a better stamina. The good news is that I encountered a trainer, named José Luis. He is nice, and I think he really tried to help me. I feel kinda pressed when someone commits to helping me... I got a routine, two weeks long, that is suppose to take me to normal levels, jeje. Today I just did legs and chest. Well, almost... I couldn't end the chest exercises, it seems my stomach didn't like so much effort if it wasn't getting any (or to say it in other words, remember to eat a bit more the next time). My breakfast was just a pear, I didn't want to eat too much before the gym, but it wasn't enough. A quick visit to the bathroom, and a pear-like-stuff out, and I was fine. Now I'm working, but I have the sense of having done something, easy mind to trick. =)

Tomorrow I'll play kickball. Never done that, but I expect a lot of fun. About a week ago I decided it would be fun to play something with my friends at work. Jaggy was the happier, but all like the idea. Julio won't play and maybe Allan, that's a shame. We invited a lot of people to get the fifteen needed for that game. Teams, rules, all shall be decided there. It's a special event also because it will happen when I should be working, but I asked for a break... Can you see a pattern in these three days?


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