Friday, October 08, 2004

For a time I'll be working at strange hours, 11PM to 9AM. It isn't so funny, but the bright side, it makes easier my life, I'm referring to the previous entry. Yesterday, was a wired day, yes I groaned of how life sucked, 'cause I didn't like the outcome of an obvious decision. My heart and mind aren't always of the same opinion. So yes, I felt pretty bad, but I need to tell you the "semi-full" story. Yes I produced a lot of pain to myself, in hopes of a healthier life. But yesterday also was full of good things, none made by me. For some unknown reason I received a mail from Nura, asking me how was I, then another friend just pops her mind about her doings, I tried to do that for so long... Also, Ale and I had a good chat. And of course Mariana was very receptive about how I felt... Then at night, I went to Cristina's house, just to say hello, for I couldn't stay (I had work to do). And to my surprise she decided that I couldn't go to the office without a lunch =) She gave me two tippers, one with gelatin, one with salad... Good food! How sweet about her to be worried... So yes, for some strange coincidence today I got a lot of female support in different ways.


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