Monday, November 22, 2004

I'm so FELIZ, and at the same when I came home, there was like waiting a sadness of what never was. This week will be one of the most active one of the year, I have all days planned. Today I played basketball with the gang, and watched another game of jaggy's team. That dark emotion I'm telling you about, was born in the middle of that game. I felt somewhat out of phase of the world.

Tuesday, I'll party Allan. There are special expectations, for a guest may come... Wednesday, Tango! :) Yep Three weeks in a row that I'd been able to go, I need to take it more calm, feel the music, so says those who know. Thursday, that big thing that makes me so feliz today... Friday, jaggy's last chance, jaja. Saturday, a wedding ;)

Sunday, FLY.

So now I talk about what's the big deal, here's the quick story. While chatting with Mariana, she asks me, do you want to make the good dead of the year? (Je, I thought she was referring to some favor she was about to ask me...) Anyway I replied, sure, what's up? And there she told me about this great plan the exa-tecs are doing, giving a merry Christmas to some girl or boy. So simple, so good. Yes, I realized that was just what padilla told the other day... So that easy was for me to enter that plan. I'll sleep today all cozy because of this small detail. It's so insignificant and yet triple sided. =)


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