Saturday, November 06, 2004

It isn't so funny to write about an event which was already told in padilla's blog, but I'll do my version. In this one you'll not find any padilla being hit by some guys, nor how much I enjoyed the Meridiano 62. The first because I didn't noticed it, didn't they noticed that he wasn't alone? jajaja And the second one, because it never come to occur. Yesterday I woke up with that wish to do something entertaining that afternoon. I didn't have a plan but I wanted to go somewhere I hadn't been before and that place should have women. As you may know I'm not the king of guy who talks to unknown girls or gets phones or anything, but hey I want to find someone, special...

By midday I knew that the other players would only be padilla, gunter and pollo. Yes, I shouldn't count pollo, because he never told me he would go, but I have come to take as a fact that pollo'll try to be there. Frank also told me he would be there, and it would had been great, to know him a bit more, but no. My plan was to go to the Meridiano, but I terribly erred the times. We got too early for it.

Btw, padilla finally visited my home. I know it's kind of strange, but most of my friends don't come so often. He has known where I live for more than two years I think, but had never before entered, or knew that I have a dog. This topic deserves a post by itself, or the very strange personality my dog has adquired. This I'll make sure will change when I move out of my parent's house.

After the Meridiano's plan was over we decided to go to chapultepec, but here the trick was how to go there. I already knew a simple route, but as I've already stated I like to travel different ways. I wasn't going to let go a perfect opportunity to know the roads better... In the way to imagining a road, we changed our mind "how about Zapopan's bars?" What really took me was the idea of eating pizza (not fast-food chain ones :). Of course, they provided with lots of other choices to spend the night, and I hope I haven't annoyed them with fixating my will for that place. There will be another night were we will enter that red Chinese restaurant. Will it be Mandarin? Or the bakery... Anyway it turns out I chose from all the possibilities one place I've already visited with Mercy some time ago. It's a nice place, and those pizzas were great, goat cheese is always good.

There we talked a lot about Canada, and I do noticed padilla a bit distracted, I thought it was because of the topic, the on-going "your better time has already passed" or something else... It was good hanging around, but that place didn't inspired me to stay, I wanted to visit a new place... Even though, there padilla tried by request to teach us how to taste wine. My background was that red wine is just a beverage to clean your mouth, so you would taste the food better. Now I know that does who say they know, would disagree. That it should be good by its own merit. I really tried, but I discovered that opening my taste to that substance brings me close to sneezing. It's a good thing, a funny one to be able to do that... But it isn't supposed to be like this. By tomorrow I'll be able to taste wine as I used to be, so I won't freak out as the smell enters my throat :)

Next we started to walk to the Zapopan's Arcs, there we waited for pollo. It was really cold out there. Some kids were having a very good time, that only helped the "your better time has already passed" joke. Just to make it clear, the better time of my life is yet to come. Don't think I took it seriously. We went to El Ramblas, which for all purpose could remain anonymous. It's just a place with no special identity, surrounded by bars that do have it, like La Jijurria or the cow-decorated one. There we made more fun, it rapidly came to be a gay-joke oriented talk. And we discussed how having women is good to prevent it. The view was very good on the other hand. Zapopan is the right place to see women. However, the next time we should be more than observers...

I'm tired I'll write about the other things maybe tomorrow, if I believe them worthy.


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