Monday, November 08, 2004

Today I learnt a very good lesson, well not really but I had my eyes wide open when a lesson occurred and I know there is something here. Imagine this scene, Alba and I waiting for our meal in the cafeteria, there was "Aztec Chicken" or something like that in that table. And there she says to me, "What I really want is a 'Chicken Hamburger'?". And I do said, "Well in the next table there you can ask for one". "Nah". One moment later, a lady comes and says, there's no more chicken in this table, and so does Alba goes to the next table. I do got my chicken (which I wanted). Five minutes later Alba sat down and she got "Roasted Chicken". "Hey, didn't you wanted a hamburger?" "Finally, Woman" and she just bite it.

(This post is kind a response to something victor blogged.) Learn whatever you can find in this little story, I'm still grasping with the how-obvious-can-they-be part...


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