Saturday, November 13, 2004

Some days ago, I got another "epiphany". We cannot know completely where we are going and at the same time where we are. It's basically Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. Should an electron had conscience will it know it's position and where it's going? If that thought is true (and I believe it), then people will need to choose among three strategies in life. "Know Thyself" is a famous way to express, "know where you are"; for existence is temporal. Then there's the other school of thought, "Dream and make it happen" or "How far do you want to go today" or any variation of the same principle. Of course, there's the third way, which is either a hybrid philosophy or just a Taoist one. I chose the third one.

A previous epiphany was that we are Change Agents, whatever we do we can only change. Again, it's just an interesting way to see the second law of thermodynamics. This one came while talking with Pollo about life. Trying to keep things the same is always an illusion. Bringers of chaos.

I know these thoughts may sound too... obvious or maybe too static... but I wanted to share them.


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