Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Today I learnt something about me, that I never suspected to be. A practical joke provoked ripples that I could've never imagined I had. Someone, I greatly appreciate, said the she was about to be married. And I was full of excitement and felicidad. Most of you can't imagine how feliz I was about that idea. And as fast as it took her to tell me, as fast as she regretted, because it was only a joke. And as high as I went with the good news, as low as I went hearing it was a lie.

Of course, I didn't get mad with the author of that thing or with she. It just felt, plain wrong to mock about it. At the end of the day, it's none of my business if she gets married or not. Yet, I discovered how hard can it be to me to joke about someone's felicity. I can joke about beliefs, pours dying of hunger, stupids, almost everything... And somehow this I want to keep sacred. Marriage is a concept without meaning in the present day, so it isn't about mocking the institution... But hey, everyone has the right to mock about what they desire, so I'll have to learn to handle it. Cynism is the new black.


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