Monday, April 11, 2005

I would have written about the wonderful last night in Rochester, where I ate at the Redwood Room, but now I have a more urgent mood to purge.

A gay male hit on me, flirted me.

It seems it isn't so strange to occur, that situation, to others; but I'm talking about me. Now, I'm kinda flattered but somewhat amazed. How can this happen to me? Someone came to me, presented himself, and voila somewhat we start having a conversation. "Recent" events, have made me very aware of what to look for to know if someone is gay. I knew just by looking, but he was very good keeping a conversation, and he kept telling me subtle kind words. Right now I have something against just thinking what he said to me... I have to say I learnt a lot, mainly how utterly simple it is to hit on someone, je.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Chale :|

12:39 PM  
Blogger Darth Julius said...

That happens to those who go to gay bars. Lot of laugh (lol).

3:26 PM  

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