Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sometimes I see a friend in trouble, maybe I underestimate him/her. I see how the problem he/she has the seeds of an existential crisis. I'm not afraid of them, and I even believe myself like an experienced man in that field. But I care for him/her. I don't have an answer of how to live. People can easily see that I have my own weak spots. I wish had the proper words, to let him/her know what I see. He/she won't believe me though.

I know that, every man and every woman is a star. That's the law. I can only turn on a flare and wish him/her the best. But hey, if he/she should ever understand my point, they would have similar problems to me, isn't it? It is sad, 'cause I know that certain paths go down. This isn't a happy fair-y tale, people do get damaged, and sometimes beyond their own salvation. I promise I'll be there if you need me.

Entropy and Hope the eternal forces that make up the world.


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