Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I was about to not tell you about my new brackets, but I don't have the nerve to betray this thing. It was a life, you know. My mouth feels strange, trapped with five centimeters of wire. Don't trespass, it could say. (I know there aren't 5 of these.) Ok, enough of things no one cares, but maybe my grandsons. Imagine them searching the web to see what can they get from their old man. They hate the assignment, probably a fourth grade homework. Will they be astonished to find a hello just for them? Hello. How can he knew? Did he remembered for all these years and made it happen? Enough, I have written to the future before.

Lately I have thought about friendship, about my friends, and all that. Pollo told me simple truth, two persons can be good friends and not share time. Or is it not a truth? I have my doubts. I know that friendship is a flexible thing, that one can hold it for years and it won't necessarily diminish. For example, David, I could say that for many years, we got distance. Our interests diverged. With padilla it has almost always been that way. And I don't take it personal, everyone has their own life. It's just that's difficult for me to know that some friends rather be in other place, with people that maybe aren't even their friends yet. However all things considered, it's good to know that friendship is more than time spent ;)


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