Sunday, May 01, 2005

Diana told me that I make a drama out of everything. And I can't find a valid reason as to why that would be bad or not desired by every man and every woman, je :) It all came from one simple thing I told her. Last Friday I went to the dentist, I have two less teeth in my mouth. I kind of took it personal, I mean... These two teeth were my healthiest and whitest of them all. And yet, I sacrificed them for a chance of a better smile. That's the phrase. I know hypes, but it is fundamentally right what all this is for. How many good things in my life should I sacrifice for a chance of a more fulfilling existence? I think the answer is always. And I do think that it would be an error to not recognize that good things need to crumble if you intend to go out of the road, to seek your path.

Other than this, I want to share here how sometimes it feels as if life had something against you, I don't mean something personal or life crunching, just that sometimes Life hardens things. A flat tire, a dead battery, simple bad luck. I could read a "Hey, go the other direction, don't you get indirects?" on all this, but I'll continue a bit more.

What's the pattern with these two paragraphs?


Blogger Darth Julius said...

I had the same thought 3 years ago when I weighted 20 kg less... I had to sacrifice many things, time, effort, even eating much more less to try to be more "acceptable", I used brakets, now this nose thing... but at the end you learn to live with you. You don't need to change to be accepted, but it seems that if you want to be accepted you have to. The problem is that society states "standards", and I think we geeks are out of them. We should learn to live with it and try to find a person that can fit us (like Hector). A woman that can be happy with a Geek.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Guillermo said...

I'm not changing to be more acceptable to society. I'm improving because I feel it's the right thing to do. One has to grow, that among other things means: Responsability. One has the duty to enhance oneself, by caring about yourself. Loving my body means knowing which food is good, what workout to do, and defining who one is. I must make it clear. The image one gives to the world is a message you give away. It's fine if you want to be like you are right now, but this guy on the other hand... I'm changing the message. Basically I wasn't giving the thing I thought I gave. Shaving myself isn't about acceptance to someone, it's ME telling the world I prefer to be treated as a disciplined, clean guy.

You get the difference? I'm not reacting, I'm expressing myself. One can choose to ignore what clothes one has over, or one can tell something about oneself. You always tell a thing about you for every thing and manner you have, you do, You Are.

2:55 PM  

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