Saturday, May 07, 2005

Life continues her dance, it's amazing how she changes of rythm sometimes with a sudden burst, sometimes smooth, but always one can view backward and see how all looks perfectly obvious. So easy to predict the past. Last Wednesday, I got an epyphany, a person who really knows him(her)self can't have low self-steem. And that should apply both ways. On a related topic, Friday I got to learn a bit more about how little I know some people outside of a bubble. For a moment I wondered who was real, the person I knew inside the bubble or the other one, it's stupid, I know. This rant is provided to you for my total lack of a reasonable story to tell you what I have been thinking about lately. Pollo says that one must just utter it, I find that foolish. One must know when to spoke and beware of the word.
On a far more sensical yesterday Saturday, I read myself the Tarot. It had been a long time since my last encounter. Yesterday I achieved a pretty magical mood reading the golden bough and all. I did several questions and I ended exhausted. The general idea of the session was asking about who's who. What's the role of in my life and viceversa. It was completely amazing how threads interwined. As always I'm not sure it's at all possible some outcomes it predicts.
The Fool of me


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