Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm here to tell you another story. Today I had a mission, that was meant to happen, because I decided it, several days ago, which is a sad part, for this story was born out of a dear feeling; and yet today as the sun arised with that as a hard resolution decided upon me, by some elder, for my own good. Come on, it isn't so hard to get it. Today I felt some form of moderated panic. That of course means, I'm becoming more involved with feelings for a certain she.
Anyway, about 4 o'clock I called her, the idea was to know if it was at all possible to see her. Tons of nerves just before dialing, but as always with that girl. The moment I see/hear her, puff it all seems natural, and there's no fear, I'm just there, fully.
However I didn't hang feeling so sure. She answered "yeah, if you want". So I went with not so high expectations. As I drove to that store I felt more and more fatigated. I knew, it was just me faking it. Being scare of what could I see/hear there. So I did what I thought was the best. I got a break. To tell you the truth, it was Mariana's tip which I should repeat "Give yourself a break!" That's textual. I was at Las Aguilas, so I drove to a place of power I know there. I went to my Home. I went to the apartments I grew at. The best of my childhood was spent in that neighborhood. I walked to see if I could watch the initials of a nameless girl and myself, I wrote them long ago, first grade. In that see of memories I calmed down. Don't take life so serious, was the unspoken message. There were no initials.
So I returned to my journey. I was somewhat revitalized. Places of power, right? ;) Whatever happened most of my nerves went away. But there's some inertia in the world. So, I parked the car and went directly to a store. Let me repeat, I went to another store. This I didn't do because of fear, in retrospective a higher me guided it. Somehow I managed to prove myself a point. Here's what happened (and I write this with a smile). I entered and talked a bit with a complete stranger who attended that icecream store. I even made her smile. (Originally I entered to see if I could park where I placed the car...) In other words, I could talk to a stranger, in another life I would have been hard... So with that experience, I got fully equipped.
I walked with calm to meet her, yes, at last I was there. One never gets late or early, one gets when needed? Don't know. What I know is that I got a good afternoon with her. I won't give here all the details, but what I concluded is that she's open for a good friendship. Don't know what will be, but I'll continue seeing her. Today I learnt a lot about her, I know she's the kind of people I will care much for, with time.
Still, I want to share one thing more... Again I don't know why but somehow the conversation went from laughs to she asking me "what I really want to know is why are you an atheist?" :| I don't have a nice merry answer for that one. Of course, we came to a good conversation, deeper than I would imagine, and that's great. Does she liked the evening, don't know as usual.
I hope you don't mind


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Felicidades Memo, independientemente de lo que suceda, esperemos que sea para bien. :-)..

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