Sunday, May 29, 2005

I'm quite happy to say that now my grandma is living with us. This weekend my aunt, uncle and she came to visit my father (they live in Mexico City, for those of you with ADS :P). Here, she decided that she could take care of my dad, her son, so we are all happy to have her here. Yet to meet a person who doesn't instantly adore her. I'm lucky ;)
On a side note I feel a bit guilty for not being with my aunt & uncle much. I went to diana's bday celebration, ended at 3:30AM so you can imagine the party, je. I think step by baby step I'm learning about all that relationship-lore I'm so utterly alien to.

p.s. Danonino isn't with us anymore. He has a better life.

Ok, last couple of paragraphs were for those who want to keep and I on my activities, now some dull reflections. For a couple of days I started rethinking about my professional career. Starting a business? Master degree? Going for my second yet-to-be-disclosed Nobel award? Some days ago I realized that I was bored of my work. It was really the moment I finished with all my assignments and had about two hours to fiddle my toes :) It was good, but reminded me that my current position is an intermediary step. So then a muse came and now I'm voicing for the adoption of wikis to better our Knowledge Management ;) Wow, I'm really excited about it. I discussed with allan a master degree thesis I could do with this. It's really fun to breed memes. In brief, now I'm working much harder, growing in my social skills, and again in track =) I wanted to share this.


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