Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ok, let's restart...

"Abuelita, abuelita, tĂș que lo sabes todo..." That was how I addressed my Grandma in those hard years when one asks about the world... Well maybe I haven't really passed beyond that state ;) What I now know is that it was the most difficult moment of her day. It seems I had the skill to ask hard questions since I was able to mutter words... Even before I actually stated phrases ;)

That Saturday night, I danced a lot. At first because my mom and aunt asked me, but they got a bit tired very soon. And if you didn't know, by now, I enjoy dancing a lot. I'm neither good nor skilled, but it's fun. And there's when my Mom suggested, "why don't you dance with your relatives?". By that she meant a pair of cousins I had just met, which are from the US. They are young, in their first 20s, pretty and seemed a bit "Wow, so that's Mexico". They didn't spoke Spanish besides,"hola-gracias" state. So there I found I was more than happy to ask them to dance, well, I didn't ask I just got to the table and they knew my intentions. They, women after all, were very concerned of properly dancing. However once I told them, stop counting, just have fun, enjoy the night, all went better. Natalie and Ashley, thanks for the good dance :)

That party I met more family than ever, they sprout out of thin air, basically, all knew me and I could see love in their eyes. Except the fact that I didn't have a clue about their identity all was peach. I also loved to meet my dad's friends. Sunday morning we breakfasted at my uncle's mother house, my family has the good tradition of being extended. We end up calling family to friends of a life :) So that woman see me somehow as a grandson, I used to play a lot with all of their real grandsons, it was inevitable. I drove five an d a half hours to guadalajara and in my head, it was a beautiful travel =)


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