Friday, June 17, 2005

I will run 10K. That's for everyone who hasn't read my nickname on msn... I currently have 3.8Km in 30 minutes mark. The good news is that with that speed, if I can maintain it, I could reach the goal in an acceptable time =) The best news is that I have yet three weeks to gain the necessary stamina and I have time to try elevating it to a 10Km/hr ;)

Ok, now the implementation, which isn't as platonic, jeje. I'm running one day, resting the other, and so on. Have to say it, running is more will than force. I'm a bit low on the aerobic condition, but I keep moving, until I crash. Jajaja, and yes I crashed completely on the walking machine. Imagine this scene, memo running all sweaty and thinking "I sure don't need this glasses". Keeps running. I took the towel to clean my face, I close my eyes for an instance and there I think "It will probably be safer to grab something while closing the eyes". I just grab the air. Quickly open the eyes and see how the stick I wanted is about one centimeter away of the place it should be. Slow motion. "Think quick memo" I thrust my left foot trying to jump front to regain distance, it's too late it lands in the real floor. "Oops!" I'm able to open my arms and land on the sides of the walker, safely avoiding the sliding band. It was a good thing, in the sense that it caused me to run even more eager "Damn machine I will teach you."


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