Wednesday, July 27, 2005

There are patterns I see, things that almost make me think that the universe has a meaning after all, or that someone high above has a practical sense of humour. Maybe it's a Hermetic truth that one sees what one thinks should be. Small details that no one else seems to notice. Why do I blue when other red? Don't know. On another subject, Today I got a friend while she tried to have a surprise, I just knew by the environment what she was trying to do. Why? Because I saw a pattern in details. Another, why is it that when I think how would she (another friend) be doing? I get a message in my cellphone? It's kind of amazing how it always happens with that particular person.

Ok, time to stop ranting and put something more legible. My story about how the quiz was done. I think by now most have done it, except for julio and padilla. If you plan to answer it, be kind and don't read what follows :)

It all started some years ago, one day, if I recall correctly, I decided to make a test of how well my friends knew me. 10 questions. It was an attempt to make myself more public, in the sense that pollo and julio once pointed that I was the most secretive of them all. Don't remember all of it, but I learnt that as a rule they almost don't get me. Allan would say it's the way things should be, but I prefer the Know Thyself, and I have a perfect argument as how one goes with the other as a logical sequence... Anyway, change has been around and julio readopted that concept. So here I go, again. I have more friends, and believe mellower relationships. Decided to have 13 questions, and got an empty notepad. Now what? Favorite song? Yeah, it could work, it's superfluous and yet, people who have know me for long would answer "Memo doesn't have one" as I certainly didn't for years. Then I got the hobby question, which have been true for most of my life. I love to learn. And one of the best things is to learn languages, I feel I got a bit more potenciated, every time I learn a new way of thinking (Consult your local Sappir-Whorf expert if you have doubts...). I wanted to have a funny, fair and representative quiz. That's why I got the "How do I sneeze?". By the way, the correct answer is, it depends. With noisy people I tend to sneeze strongly, with shy, silently and so on. One of the best thing of doing this thing is that I can probe the truthfulness of them by using the test as a proof =) Until now, 12 persons have answered, and there's an almost equal quantity of people telling that I sneeze some way. None have answered the depend option. Though it could be that people just can't remember...

I made this quiz from light to heavy questions. It was a lot of fun putting Easter eggs in the answers. "I'm only happy when it rains", was dedicated to how much pollo used to like that song. There are other two, one in how I decided my career, and the other, well find it if you like. How I see life, is just my interpretation of the three ways of Teoma. In that, I'm yellow. The last one is in my opinion the hardest and more personal one. What's my engine? I could write a lot about it, but isn't the time.

Until now I think pollo is the one with most correct answers, then diana and surprisingly (at least for me) monge. The rest stand in the 30s-40s. Call me a geek if you want, but probability says that if you answer randomly you would get:

The probability of getting N answers right is equal to the combination of questions(Q) and N, times 1 over the number of options(O) to the N, timer O-1 over O elevated to the Q-N. Hence, getting 1 answer is equal to 15(1/4)(3/4)^14 = 6.68%. On the other hand being all correct by chance would take more than one thousand million attempts. Luck would yield 3 or 4 answers which in turn would mean 26 as grade approximately. One can compare it with the 53 o 70 that got my friends, and conclude is not by chance that I call them great friends ;)

Disclaimer: Sorry that I got so mathematistic, I deserved some after how many hours I have stayed waiting for a compiler, my brain numbs...


Blogger Darth Julius said...

Ok, I came back after Erika's Birthday, log on into net, wrote a short posts about my Egypt trip, then read other guys blog (since I didn't have time to do so until now), start reading your blog and find that you made a quiz, scroll down until the link, make the quiz, then I'm reading this post, I don't know if I answered fine, but you put some of your answers here at the post, I guessed that you like to make "difficult and ambiguous questions just like me"... Don't get angry if I don't guess the important ones about "How many times you've been in love" Before Annie I thought mine were three, but now I can tell that is only One, falling in love involves the process of feeling the love :-).

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