Friday, August 26, 2005

No one has asked me, but I'm very fond of my keys. Well not really about the tooth-shaped-metal-made things, but about the set. I don't collect key rings, but here's a little snapshot of that prop. I carry through life, at this moment, 13 of these items. I have a gorilla, a bullet, a Christian motive and a La Paz souvenir; uh and a fake key. The great primate is a gift from david, a Universal King Kong, he is kind of pixie, always ends knotted around any new object in my pocket. Curiosity. That bullet, I bought it in Zacatecas if I recall. Don't know what weapon it could ammo it and it is in the same ring of a chain that once upon a time grabbed a Toltec pyramid. That broken chain I conserve mainly because it symbolic how the pyramid is gone and just a memory remains. Will and my past?? The reliquary, was a gift from an aunt, it has the legend, in Christ we have faith or something like that. On one side it has a Christ in cross like position, rising to heaven, while the other face is a nurturing Maria. Kept it, because religion has always been a core thing to me, that and the family tie. The memento represents Luck. I have no idea how I got it. One day I grabbed my keys and it was in my pocket. Of course it wasn't bind to any ring, I did that ;)

Ok, that was my tribute to the blog formula. Yes, come on, haven't you seen it everywhere? Someone shares a little funny thing about him(her)self, nothing personal, nothing thought provoking. It's light, like in light pepsi, light food... I personally don't like it too much, it's like garbage food, it taste good but you know down deep, it isn't the real thing. Yes, it may cherish you up a dull morning, but it's fatuous. Don't take it personal, I read them, just as with food, there is more; but it would require effort.

p.s. Expect more entries in short :)


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You forgot to mention your Tutankammon ;)

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