Friday, September 02, 2005

Don't know why or rather don't want to explain fully how I got into this mood, anyway. I'm feeling strongly Atheist in this moment. It is all this julio's experience, combined with a practical joke to monge, so much Thelemapedia and that amazing repository I found... That I think I'm gonna change a bit the way I have behaved. For instance, I will stop showing the incongruence from the inside, people just don't like it, close themselves. I've always view religion as one of the most personal and important thing in one's life. By that concept, I mean, "your view of the world". Another would be sexuality, but I digress. For me it was obvious that one must be in the pursuit of congruence with our beliefs. And so I tried to show the mismatches when I found them at other peoples pink bubbles. No more. I won't treat with care what they themselves haven't done. If and only if asked, I would just say the truth. Your concept of gods doesn't ring any bells in my head. What I have heard about it, is all obviously paradoxical non-sense. You are in the right to believe whatever you want, and so do I. We are at the same level. We are both intelligent human beings, and as so I would act upon.
Right now, I could quote thousands (maybe tens) of high quality remarks. I may open a blog just for all the fabulous quotes I have along the way enjoyed.

Here I put the poles under which I arm my tent.

It is probably true that almost all atheists stand for the values of reason and freethought. I will attempt to put these values in more substantial terms. There is the belief that inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception, self deception, and error. There is the belief that logic and the scientific method is the only way the world can arrive at an agreement on the truth about anything. And there is the belief that it is better to be good to each other and to build on what we all agree to be true, than to insist that we all think alike. The words I have put into italics above are the very things I believe all atheists should stand for.
-- Richard C. Carrier


Blogger Guillermo said...

One thing I really want to share. The word "belief" is used by people in two different ways. Religion-oriented guys when they say "I believe in ___" are telling in short: "I have faith in ___" which in turn means, I willingly decide to accept ___ as true. On the other hand, the sometimes called Science-oriented guys when telling "I believe in __" means "As far as I know, all evidence, arguments, and all I know, points to me accepting __ as true. Yet, the moment I find info against it. I will check to ensure consistency."

Which as may be obvious is an abismal difference. The laters accept that any knowledge whatsoever is gained through partial information. He must be open to the idea that certain loved ideas may not be true afterall.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Guillermo said...

Wow, my first spam...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo creo que eran amenazas de muerte escritas por un fanatico religioso que no estaba de acuerdo con tus ultimo post.

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Blogger Darth Julius said...

Nah!.. no creo que lo quieran matar por eso.. No matarĂ¡s sabe.. jajaja

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fanatico religoso,


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