Monday, September 05, 2005

By Friday I had made my mind in two things, I was going to go to Monterrey no matter what, and I would have my lunch with my teammates. Of course it wasn't to be so easy. I have work and work and more work to do if I wanted that to chrystallize. The problem was that I didn't have so much time (4hrs) to do that. So I had to cheat. First I really really worked, I mean, normally I work but at a normal pace, maybe chatting a bit, maybe surfing the web, oh and those webcomics. The after-work meeting was a "must go", basically because I was the one carrying the chairs, bringing the meal and so on (ok ok, the truth all of that came from alba, but it was Lucy who carried it).
To me it is still a wonder, how little respect we have for the greatest discovery, fire. We just assume it will be there whenever we want. We rule it... Yet, we all know in the deepest, that it is only playing with us. We tried to start a good fire for several minutes untill it finally accepted to burn coal. How many engineers did it took? 4, if I counted it right. (No I didn't participate...) Meanwhile a unworded order arose. Women started cooking, men just stood there chit chating. I was too aware of the situation to let it happen, but I knew I wasn't going to cook. I'm slow and sloppy (I'll emend I promise). Anyway I took my car and went to the store, at least ice, I could provide that ;)
As this kind of situation doesn't happend so much, people didn't knew how to behave, rolling eyes isn't so fun ¬.¬ not even with sand. Someone brought a "Uno" and started to play it. Well, at first only women. The rest just view them with certain amusement, specially the fact that rules continued to change every turn. The owner of the deck had her rules, and we candidly accepted them, until we froze them so that anyone could win not just she. The game had a little machine that throwed the cards, that was the funny part. Anyway, the food was great but I had to leave. Work was calling me.
8:15 and I was at the office. I ran, thinking, I have less than an hour to do all my things, I shall pass for alba. Don't know where did I put all the time, but it passed swift, by 9:30 I was at alba's door. Knowing that I had 45 min before the bus left us behind. That's when I stressed up. It was really the pressure of leaving down her, just because I somewhat mismanaged my time :s It was worse when it was 10:00 and we where at Mercado de Abastos, waiting for my brother who was going to drive Lucy back home... He was late, because he brought her girlfriend, jaja. Anyway 8min later I was in the bus station. Never had done such a time record. Of course, in the way we phoned shank (a.k.a shole+frank). They had a simple mission, keep the bus entertained until we arrive. Saaaafe.
The ride was easy, the bus was almost ours, a french comedie was transmitted, I just talked a bit with alba, and went with Morpheus. I will always repeat it, one of the benefits of being me is my good agreement between myself and the oneiric lands. I'm free to roam whenever, wherever I want. At 9 sharp we where entering the city. To me it seemed a bit dull. Of course, I thought, you must wait. Cities are always ugly at the bus route, it is part of the basic rules of tourism.
We (shank, alba, Pepillo, Vladi, Paca & myself) accomodated ourselves in a hotel that is near Tec. Had lot of hungry so we went for some typical food, tacos. The wierd thing, is that the place had WiFi. I was able to login to msn and even said hi to diana. It's strange that a place so... common, nothing fancy had that thing, buy hey, it's Monterrey. 5 tacos and I was ready to go. Don't ask for machaca, btw, isn't as good as what I have eaten in gda.
Alba has a friend there, so she (the friend) agreed to join us and be our guide. It all came to one simple thing, where to eat. Jajaja. "El Rey del Cabrito" which she tell us, was the place to go (if you are a foreigner, no one eats there that is born in mty, hey, el cabrito isn't even from that place, it is brought from SLP). Anyway we went. The place is rather clunky and over-decorated with enough kitsch motives to open 5 "la cigüeña". Ok, to tell you a more objective panorama. I hate it, when people decorate walls with dead animals, troophies? Yeah right. As if they had the balls... On the other hand, the cabrito was really nice, we ate half one. Then we returned to get a decent wardrobe. Time of wedding...
What can I tell you about a wedding I wasn't there to see? That a living room is as fun as with those you surround. A brief explanation. We arrived one hour earlier. Tío said it was one hour before, maybe he thought we wouldn't arrive at time... Anyway, then we get to enter the place, just to hear the fiancèe's father "This meeting is more a family thing you know, you can stay at the living room, and when it's over, you can came in and celebrate with us the union." Thanks for all. Oh, I skipped a thing...
In the mid-time between breakfast and food, I mean, wedding. I did, well... I made an anecdote. Imagine this, I enter alba's room and merryly I said, "hey you ironed your hair, it looks great." And voila, she replies "do you want to iron yours?" And then, don't know why, her eyes sparkled as if she envisioned it. And with a great smile said, "you'ld do it, right?" I must tell you I couldn't said no. Besides, I thought, why not? People will say, "You are fácil" or some will giveme the chance of doubt and say "Why would you permit it?" For me it was just for the sake of fun. And I was curious how would I "be" if I were straight-haired. Would I be more similar to my bro? And yes, I promise to upload a photo here, whenever shole passes me the photos. Anyway, it took forever to wash my hair, free of the gel I put fifteen minutes before. Then, drying, then the iron. Alba got tired with least than a sixteenth, so Shole helped her. Then she also got tired, and so on and on. Man, I have so much hair in this "little" head. Have you ever seen a singer called "El Puma"? That's how I looked. =) It was so strange having so much hair in front of myself... I had to comb it every 15minutes, jeje. Then we went to eat. When I was preparing for the wedding I got to the conclusion, that it was enough, and with a small quantity of water, all returned to usual mode.
After the official civil wedding, we went to the party, organized by the fiancèe's family. It was a glamorous place, almost for the high society. We were all using our best wearings. People tend to look better, they say. Alba and Shole with great regret had to use a long night dress. They look very pretty, even though they fighted until the last moment to the idea of using skirt. The place was cozy, and small, with tons of mirrors to make it look monumental. Live music played a lot of norteñas and salsas. I even danced a few times with alba and vero (a friend of the marlene, the fiancèe). Food was great.
And yes, all that food, you can count it, made a terrible mess, at least in vladi's and pepillo's stomach. 4 o'clock and one or the other itching the walls, screaming for help, jajaja. The revenge of the lamp, we named it.
How about if I continue my story another day? In the next entry I shall post about la macro plaza, bubbles, an almost tour inside a museum, and who knows maybe I would tell you about Neptune. Thanks to anyone reading so far.


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