Friday, December 02, 2005

Was it a sex shop? Nay, I wouldn't say so, or at least it was pretty soft. There's a store at Gran Plaza where I went yesterday. It's small and smells funny. Too many oils in one place, I guess. There were a lot of costumes, mostly of the cheap kind. Pirate, nurse, muse, viking, nurse, angel, cook and nurse, for example... How kinky can a man be? A woman dressed up as santa?? ^o) I really had a laugh when my friend told me one of those was a clown costume. I mean, who would ever be turned on by a red nose accompanied by big shoes?? *-) Never mind. However that store was rather decent, since there were little to no sex toys at all, except for furry handcuffs... Anyway, it was great to be there. The retailer couldn't dissuade my friend to accept any oil, ja.


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