Monday, November 28, 2005

I was reluctant to post this; but hey, let's risk. By now most know about pollo's operation, he's fine. I have seen him almost every day since the procedure. Think he'll be alright after all. I still surprise me how things like this affects julio so much. Why? That's no empathy... Allan recently had his birth day, that gave me a kick off of rejuvenation. You know for me, a friend is that whom I care for. That led me to a clearing procedure, need to groom my relationships, so to say.
Saturday I went to the FIL with ceci. If that counts as a date, have to say it, must be the worst date, ever. Rather nervous I went for her, I met her mother. It was more or less easy to talk with Mrs. Casillas [.u'i di'u]. One thing I adored was when, while I waited for her, the mother started talking about how ceci had the greatest grades of her generation and from the bathroom a yell came "Mom stop talking about that! He's going to think I'm a geek!" =) The FIL was great, tons of little publishers, though I couldn't find any book at al interesting, weird...¡ We talked about so many things... once, we had a discussion who was the prettiest disney princess, and a guy stared at us funny. I sustain it's Jazmin, from aladdin, 'cause she's adventurous, ceci voted for Bella. After much discussion we agreed that Jazmin, for her sex appeal. Of course we also talked about more profound topics, such as what kind of guy she likes, or how neither of us knew that the kamasutra had something to say about kisses and hugs. Have to accept ignorance, [ka'u] thought it was only about sex positions. We watched a wonderful Peruan exposition, full of costumes and native rhythms. Don't know how she felt the day, what I know is that I felt restricted, that's why I believe it wasn't so good, though by remembering that day I'm almost changing my mind... Anyway, she's old school and I find her intriguing. Hope Tuesday be a better day...


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I'm affected by other factors also.. remember the "bache" in my relationship we talked the other day with Jaime... that has been consuming me slowly, so right now I think I'm on a depression.

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