Saturday, December 24, 2005

I want to rant. Not so long ago I had this talk with allan and julio about our women ethic. We didn't really defined it, I guess we just assumed to mean how we deal with them. As always, julio wanted to be the first to explain his thoughts. At a point I asked him which women are important to him, and in what manner. I ended up telling him, I wasn't sure it was ok to have so few female roles in his life. As usual the conversation drifted away, but anyway I want to explore that avenue.
Maybe, have spent too much time with tarot-related things; but are helpful to express a simple framework. Take for example nura, she's a good friend, Fool. Don't for a second believe it a pejorative card. It's basic. The well meant simple mind. I know too much to believe in the "all the world is one country, humanity is our citizenship" meme. Then there is mariana, which acts as both the High Priestess and Empress. For she represents both, the potential not realized and the nurturing woman. I have gave her the power to always cherry me up. Next is ivonne, the Hanged man. The unknown is bound to happened. Followed by alba, the Temperance. She is rock solid in a number of ways. I have other female friends, but with this is enough. As my life has aged, I have known Strength, Devil and Moon. The World is yet to be found? Who knows.
Of interest is that I have one great friend for each queen, whose personality reflects their zodiacal nature and all. Synchronicity is how some refer to that. Fire is for ceci, cups for ivonne and so on.


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